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Classical Ballet
Contemporary Ballet
Hip Hop
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Broadway & Rhythm Tap
Leaps & Turns
Musical Theater
Break Dance

Preschool Classes  
Mommy & Me
Tiny Tutus
Story Ballet
Ballet/Tap Combo
Jazz/Tap Combo
Hip Hop
Bitty Break

Adult Classes  
Ballet and Contemporary Ballet Core
Hip Hop
Musical Theater

Ballet is the foundation of ALL dance forms. Learning one’s center is key in learning to dance.  Students will be introduced to ballet concepts, technique and vocabulary.  Ballet is a beautiful balance of strength, control, and grace. Classes are traditionally organized, including stretching, barrework, porte de bras, adagio, pirouettes, petite and grand allegro.  

Hip Hop combines the latest street and funk styles seen in music videos to create a fun and exciting class for all to experience.  This class has been designed to introduce children to basic hip-hop technique combined with fundamental concepts of Jazz. We also offer a Boys Only Hip Hop class.

Hip Hop
Jazz incorporates ballet technique with a dynamic flare. Warm up exercises are designed specifically to increase flexibility and strength. This upbeat class will consist of classical and cutting edge jazz choreography. Center floor combinations consist of turns, leaps, and require body control.

Contemporary dance is intricate and physical.  The dancers change levels and directions quickly and seamlessly. Contemporary dance may deal with abstract concepts, images, or emotional extremes. It has a rawness that sets it apart from plot-driven ballets or jazz.

Contemporary / Lyrical
Tap is a creative avenue for students to develop musicality and rhythms. Different tap styles will be taught such as “Broadway Style,” or the new hottest trend “Rhythm Street Tap.” Students are taught integration of tap dance and music as it relates to improvisation and choreography.

Modern Dance was formed as a break away from the structure of classical ballet. There are many pioneers in Modern dance such as Martha Graham and Lester Horton who emphasize a whole-body approach including contractions, and release, flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness to allow freedom of expression. Students will be taught not only technique but the philosophies behind the different schools of Modern Dance.


A course designed to strengthen technical jazz dance elements.  Students work on the fundamental aspects of jazz. Most of the class work is done through progressions across the floor that include turns, jumps, leaps, and kicks.
Leaps & Turns
For all disciplines the techniques and skills taught in the fall are built on throughout the course of the year.

Pointe is offered to students who have mastered the knowledge and technique of ballet - and have the required strength to dance en pointe. Fundamentals of correct en pointe technique are presented.

A fun energetic class that focuses heavily on performance skills and stage presence as well as dance, acting and character development. Students will become familiar with a variety of musicals, learn how improve performance skills and self confidence.

Musical Theater
An athletic dance form which uses your whole body. You will learn breaking, technique, top rocks, footwork, transitions, freezes and most importantly, how to rock a beat. 
Classes offered at FPD
 2017 - 2018

2017 - 2018 Tuition & Rates 
Registration Fee - $35 and $25 for each additional family member.

$65.00 Deposit per dancer (to be applied to tuition with full year commitment)*

All fees/deposits are non-refundable*
Per Student Rate

1 class - $675 annual tuition, 1 hour class     
            $1010  annual tuition, 90 minute class
Pre-School & Tiny Tutu dancers - $530 annual tuition, 1 Session – $300

2 classes - $1335 annual tuition
2 Pre-School classes - $1035 annual tuition, full year only rate

3 classes - $1990 annual tuition

4 classes - $2640 annual tuition

5 classes - $3285 annual tuition

6 classes - $3925 annual tuition

7 classes - $4560 annual tuition

8 classes - $5190 annual tuition

9 classes or more – WILDFIRE  unlimited classes - $5500 annual tuition

*Save 5% off tuition when multiple children are attending for a full year!

*Save 5% off tuition when paid in full by September 15th!

*Competition Team members save 10% off tuition!

*Total combined discount not to exceed 15%.
Tuition  Payment Schedule
Option #1
Any Plan - Payment in full by September 15th (5% discount applied)

Option #2
One to Two Classes - Payment in 3 installments 
Due August 10th, November 10th, and February 10th
Recital costume(s) will be evenly divided between the 3 payments
Please see our withdrawal policy

Option #3
Three or More Classes - Payment in 5 installments 
Due August 10th, October 10th, December 10th, February 10th, & April 10th
Recital costume(s) will be divided between the first 3 payments
Please see our withdrawal policy

* Recital costumes will be $95 + Tax, $75 + Tax for Pre-School Dance & Tiny Tutus

* Invoicing will occur by email unless notified in writing

* Late fees will be assessed on past due accounts on a monthly basis.

A fun way for a new mom and their baby or toddler to connect in a playful environment with other moms and their children.  Specifically designed for children from 1 to 3 years old, these classes are designed to stimulate the learning process, nurture the bond between mother and child allowing moms to break from the stresses of parenthood while playing with your child.   *1 - 3 years old* (30 minutes)
Mommy & Me
Ballet aimed at the preschool level our program is for children specifically from 3 to 5 years old.  An introduction the classical ballet including basic movement principles, technique, and vocabulary.  The right balance between fun and learning children are encouraged to use their imagination, work on coordination, rhythm, and balance.  *3 - 5 years old*  (45 minutes)
Preschool Story Ballet
Students begin the first half of the class working on either ballet or jazz basic movement principles, technique, and vocabulary.  The second half of the class students work on tap instruction learning to make sounds and rhythm.  It is a great introduction for young dancers that will spark a life-long love of dance and movement.  *3 - 5 years old*  (45 minutes)
Ballet/Tap Combo  or
Jazz/Tap Combo
Refer a New Family & Get 2 Free Recital Tickets
Receive 2 Recital Tickets Free for referring a new dancer to the studio for a full year of student classes.

Both referral and referring families must be registered no later than October 15th and complete the year, with all accounts paid in full by April 10th.

Receive additional tickets for additional families and attend free.

*Refund Policy for Early Withdrawal/Regular Classes: Registration Fee and Tuition Deposit are forfeit for early withdrawal.  

Classes enrolled for will be billed at a walk in rate. Recital costume is required to be paid in full for any withdrawal after October 20th.  

All withdrawals MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING, AND BE CONFIRMED BY FPD BY EMAIL WITHIN 2 DAYS OF NOTICE. If you do not receive this confirmation, it is your responsibility to follow up with the studio and confirm receipt of withdrawal letter.
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