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Important Dates as we Aproach Recital

Please Read Upon Receipt of Costume!!
They Contain the Following Information: 

-DESCRIPTION OF ALL OF THE PIECES OF YOUR COSTUME:  Please confirm that all costume pieces are in the bag. 

-HAIRSTYLE INFORMATION:  Hairstyle and placement of any hats or hair ornaments will be specified. Glitter & Grime carries hairnets, bun pins, bun builders, and hair pins to make 
dance styles and accessory attachment easier. 

-MAKE UP INFORMATION:  Lipstick colors and make up info. “Full Stage Make Up/Eyelashes” means false eyelashes, lipstick, blush, foundation,  eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. You may purchase make up at Glitter, or stop by and 
observe the colors we are referring to so you can check through your own personal supplies for similar colors. Pre-School classes are not expected to wear eyelashes. We encourage you to join us for a Hair/Make Up class to learn a few tricks to make this easier.

-LEGWEAR INFORMATION:  Label will advise you of the legwear (tights/fishnets/socks) that you will need to purchase for pictures and performance. Everyone must have a new, unused pair of tights/fishnets for pictures/performance. Do not launder between pictures and performance - once you launder the tights, the color change will be apparent on stage and on camera. 

-SHOE INFORMATION:  Label will confirm the class shoe appropriate for this costume. Please make sure your shoe fits well and is in good repair for pictures and performance. 

 DO NOT let your dancer play with their costume until after recital as they are not replaceable.
TRY THE COSTUME ON YOUR DANCER IMMEDIATELY and arrange for alterations if necessary.
NO UNDERWEAR UNDER LEOTARDS AND DANCE WEAR PLEASE. It looks terrible peeking out from under the tights. This does not apply to costumes created out of sweat pants or other street wear. 

 -PUT YOUR DANCERS NAME ON EVERY PIECE OF THE COSTUME.  Unfortunately these costumes are not replaceable. A lost costume is going to result in a disappointed dancer. Pictures and dress rehearsal are perfect places to lose your dancers costumes so make sure everything is labeled.  

-SIZING – Your dancer has been measured and we have allowed 1” growth room on all measurements. This is generally adequate for all dancers but children are unique and do grow at different rates. We have attempted to size your dancer to the best of our ability based on their measurements, growth allowances, and the size charts provided by the costume companies. It is not unusual for a dancer who is not of average build to require alteration. If you feel your costume is miss-sized, two or more sizes incorrectly, contact the studio immediately.  

Recital Costume Information

Please Watch Your Emails and 
check our  Performance Info page, 
for additional information and updates 


Performance 2018 Information

Sat, June 9 – Trumbull HS, 72 Strobell Rd., Trumbull 
Specific times for each group tech rehearsal are posted in the studio and on our website. 
Please arrive, in complete costume, hair and make up, 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR REHEARSAL TIME. 
Tech rehearsals are vital for your dancer to prepare and have a comfortable performance. 

10:00, 11:45 & 4:15 Sun, June 10 – Trumbull HS, 72 Strobell Rd. 
Dancers should arrive for check in, in complete costume, hair and make up & performance ready, 45 minutes-1 hour before showtime.  (We will be checkin in 350+ students, so please come early)

11:45 Show arrives at 10:45             
4:15 Show arrives at 3:15
See Performance Schedule Links above for your assigned show.
Opening NumberGrand Ballet, and PaChi perform in both shows.

DISMISSAL:  All performers (except pre-school Act 1/both shows) will stay for Finale.  Dismissal will occur after Grand Finale and Curtain Close.  Please remain in the auditorium to collect your "star"! 

PRE-SCHOOL ARRIVAL:  Pre School classes will check in as described above.  
PRE-SCHOOL DISMISSAL:  Pre School classes will be dismissed from the stage after curtain close.

Sunday, June 10
 10:00 Show  
11:45 Show    4:15 Show
Arrive 45-60 minutes prior to your call time, hair, make up, and costume ready.
Schedule By Student
Please check both shows
10:00 Show  
11:45 Show    4:15 Show
Arrive 45-60 minutes prior to your call time, hair, make up, and costume ready.
TICKETS:  Will be available for pick up at the front desk.  They will also be available for pick at Rehearsal, and at performance at the Will Call in the front of the lobby of Trumbull HS.  Tickets will be available for purchase at the performance if seating is available.

PRE-ORDER YOUR CONCESSIONS:  If you have a large group attending, you can order beverages and entire pizzas and avoid the concession line at intermission.  Pick up a form at the front desk.  Cash or checks only.

STUDENT PERFORMANCE CHECK IN:  All dancers will check in at the dressing room desk.  Dancers in both shows will be given a "Returning Check In" bracelet.  They will return through the "Returning Check In" line for speedier entrance.

Hair & Makeup Seminars
Learn the tricks of easy hair and makeup application for pictures & recital!

Thursday, April 19 7:30 pm
Saturday, April 21 2:30 pm